Pigging plant

In these plants, pipes are completely emptied using a fitting body. In the receiving station the pig can be changed as required, so no manual intervention is necessary. The pigging reduces the product mixing to a minimum. The advantage is that different products or batches can be conveyed through the same transfer line. In addition, rinsing costs are reduced and the production yield is increased. In most cases, pipe heating can even be dispensed with.





在这些工厂中,管道使用接头体完全排空。 在接收站中,猪可以根据需要进行更换,因此不需要手动干预。 清管可将产品混合降至最低。 优点是不同的产品或批次可以通过相同的传输线传输。 另外,成本降低,产量增加。 在大多数情况下,加热可以省去。