Polyurethanes (PUR)

Polyurethanes (PUR) are a group of plastics that can have different properties depending on how they are processed. They can be either very hard and brittle, but also soft and permanently elastic. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications, e.g. as foam for upholstered furniture and winter clothing as well as paints and adhesives for the production of rolls and rollers.





聚氨酯是一组塑料,根据其加工方式可以具有不同的性能。 它们可以非常坚硬而脆弱,而且还具有柔软而永久的弹性。 这使它们适用于各种各样的应用,例如 作为用于软垫家具和冬季服装的泡沫以及用于生产辊和辊的油漆和粘合剂。