Reaction plants

Reaction plants produce synthetic resin, e.g. for subsequent use as binders in coating systems or as components in paints and adhesives. PURPLAN plants are equipped with reactors of -1/+10 bar and 300 degrees Celcius. Heating and cooling with thermal oil via external half-pipe heating coils. Direct cooling takes place via internal cooling coils.





反应设备生产合成树脂,例如 随后用作涂料体系中的粘合剂或作为涂料和粘合剂中的组分。 PURPLAN工厂配备-1 / + 10巴和300摄氏度的反应器。 通过外部半管加热线圈加热和冷却加热油。 直接冷却通过内部冷却盘管进行。