Synthetic-resin Production

In the industrial sector, mainly synthetic resins are used today in terms of quantity. These are alkyd resin,- polyester resin,- urea resin,- phenolic resin plants, dispersion plants, acrylate resin plants or also binder plants. An exact dosage of all raw materials, whether solid or liquid, is important. In addition, rapid temperature control of the product to the set temperature, whether heating or cooling, is essential.





在工业领域,今天主要使用合成树脂的数量。 这些是醇酸树脂, - 聚酯树脂, - 尿素树脂, - 酚醛树脂厂,分散厂,丙烯酸酯树脂厂或粘合剂厂。 所有原料的准确剂量,无论是固体还是液体,都很重要。 此外,产品对设定温度的快速温度控制,无论是加热还是冷却,都是至关重要的。